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Washington Post etiquette reporter Jura Koncius interviewed me for her article “Dog traveling with you over the holidays? Know your petiquette.”

It’s all about what dog owners should do when considering bringing their pooches along with them when visiting friends and family during the holidays.

Here’s an excerpt:

“But for pet owners, there is always an element of uncertainty, says Sean Sheer, who writes for the Urban Dog blog. Take Sheer’s dog Bodhi, a mellow 8-year-old Weimaraner. Bodhi has partied on Fire Island and at the Jersey Shore and enjoyed woodsy walks in the Adirondacks, all as a perfectly charming guest. But one Thanksgiving in Palm Beach, Fla., Bodhi could not resist counter-surfing while the humans were having dinner in the next room. ‘Our hostess went in to the kitchen to get the vanilla cake, but it was gone,’ says Sheer, who lives in New York. ‘There was frosting on Bodhi’s mouth. The lesson is that as well as you think you know your dog, they can always surprise you.’”

Driving From New York to Florida with Dogs
“On the road again!”

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