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Juji the Giant Dog!

Photographer Christopher Cline has created a fun series of photographs featuring him and his dog, Juji. I originally posted a story about him back in 2016. I recently noticed a spike in visits to the post. It got me thinking that I should give him a call to see what’s up. I spoke to him and he told me a little about his and Juji’s story.  He also gave me two, new pics: one of him and Juji and a recent commission for Devon Abraham.

What makes these pics so amusing is Cline’s use of Photoshop to make his Golden Doodle, a GIANT Golden Doodle.

Juji the Giant Dog
Juji the Giant Dog

Chris says seven feet is the “sweet spot” for making Juji bigger in the pictures. He says anything larger or smaller and people automatically assume Juji has been Photoshopped. But at seven feet, people stop and pause and double check to make sure Juji really isn’t a giant dog!

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Juji the giant dog
Devon and His Giant Frenchie

Check out his Instagram feed to see the latest pics and find information for getting in touch with him. (Chris takes commissions!) You can find his Instagram at @christophercline.

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