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UPDATED! Greyhound: Breed of the Week

Are Greyhounds Good City Dogs?

One of the most ancient breeds, the Greyhound dates back to 2900 BC.

According to the American Kennel Club Greyhounds were originally only bred by royalty. Legend has it that they the favorite pet of both Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I, which is why Greyhound racing was dubbed the Sport of Queens.


Greyhounds were originally bred as hunting dogs, designed to chase down prey like foxes, rabbit and deer. The Greyhound has special attributes that make this dog the fastest dog. They have a long sleek head, long legs and a lean body. And because of the spine development they are capable of “double suspension,” meaning at two points during its running motion, extended and contracted, all four feet are off the ground. Its eyes are placed far apart on its head which allows them to have 270 degree vision so they can see behind their head.

Greyhounds are large dogs weighing in at about 70 pounds.  They require very little grooming and are also easy to train.

Greyhounds have a very strong prey drive and, if off leash, they may take off after smaller creatures that they might consider prey. They may also take off after something you don’t even see as their eyesight is much better than ours. Because of this it’s recommended that you never allow your Greyhound off leash unless in a fenced in area.

Greyhounds are also prone to bloat, tumors, and hyperthyroidism.

When considering the Greyhound as your new pet, make sure you check out some of the Greyhound rescues throughout the country. Though the sport has been on the decline for many years, there are many wonderful ex-racers who need a forever home.

Do Greyhounds Bark?

Greyhounds make great Urban Dogs. Despite the fact they were bred tore runners, they are in fact, famous couch potatoes! After running, their favorite activity is sleeping!

It is important to train your city dog. You don’t want your pooch to misbehave in your building’s common areas.  Greyhounds score “Average” among dogs dogs when it comes to understanding new commands. They obey first commands about 50% of the time according to Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia who studies dog behavior. That means it takes 25 to 40 repetitions for them to learn new commands.

Greyhounds are not considered excessive barkers. They tend to bark less than the average dog.

pet friendly rental
Jonesy and Lenny at Peter Cooper Village

Click here to visit the American Kennel Club’s page on the breed. And here’s a link to the Greyhound Club of America. They can make great Urban Dogs, just make sure you keep them active and engaged.

For tips on how to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York and other cities read Urban Dog’s guide. Big dogs pose a particular challenge, but don’t worry, you can find places that accept large breed dogs.

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