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“The Dog Ate WHAT!?!?”

What’s the Weirdest Thing Your Dog Ate?

I polled a bunch of Urban Dog readers to find out what was the single weirdest, most alarming, craziest thing their dog ever ate. There were many responses like:  “A WHOLE steak!” or “Cat poop!” or “Six red velvet cupcakes!”

And then there were these responses:

Wall Paper: Off the wall itself.

Frogs: Five people said frogs! (One said a toad. Apparently the toad was poisonous and the toad-eater was “never the same afterwards.”)

A Box of Brillo Pads: And apparently the dog suffered no consequences!

A Skate: The fish. Not the shoe with wheels on it. The culprit, Bodhi, can be seen below.

Bodhi Ate a Skate
Bodhi Ate a Skate

Socks: This required post-consumption surgery. The dog is okay.

A Cell Phone: One of the old clam-shell varieties. Apparently this dog pooped numbered buttons from the dial pad.

A Trachea: Yes. That was my reaction too! “A WHAT!?!?” Apparently dried tracheas are sold as a treat for dogs to chew on. This dog had to be taken to vet to have it removed. Beau Handsome, seen below, survived unscathed.

Beau Handsome
Beau Handsome

A Tray of Lightbulbs: The dog pooped them out. Intact.

Ant Traps: This answer surprised me too! The dogs — yes, multiple dogs — who ate ant traps all survived with no apparent consequences.

Mouth Guard: A very expensive, custom-made mouth guard. Yes, Aubrey (seen below) we’re looking at you!

Aubrey the Cairn Terrier
Aubrey the Cairn Terrier

Urban Doggers, if you have any funny stories to share about your dog eating something strange, let us know in the comments below.

On a more serious note: if you ever think you’re dog has eaten something she shouldn’t have, here’s some info on what to do.  I’ve heard people say” “Oh it’s a dog, it can eat anything.” Of course that’s absolutely not true! You should pay attention to what your dog consumes. There can be serious consequences.

And for a little reading on things your dog should eat, check out our chat with Dr. Christina Moore on dog food.

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