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The Daily Dogs: Maxie and Dexter

Urban Dog and Onpets Giveaway Winners

Maxie was rescued from the Humane Society in 2007 when she was three-months-old.  Dexter was rescued in 2008 from a family that could no longer care for him. He was “guesstimated” to be about 16-months-old at the time and was about nine-years-years old when he died of cancer last year. When Dexter was diagnosed in March 2015, his parents had recently gotten pregnant with their twins and wanted nothing more than for Maxie and Dexter to be around for the birth of their new baby girls.

Maxie and Dexter
Maxie and Dexter

They begged Dexter to fight so that he could meet his new babies. The girls arrived October 6th, mom spent a week in the hospital due to complications and the day after she arrived home Dexter started to decline. Dexter died the next week after welcoming his new sisters home. Here he is patiently waiting for the babies to arrive, just before he died.

Maxie & Dexter 1

Maxie and Dexter were best friends, so Maxie is “representin’” for Dexter. As their mom says “Maxie and Dexter were inseparable, best friends forever. They shared a bond we can’t explain.  They are the most loving, amazing and wonderful pups anyone could ask for. I know everyone probably says that about their pet and we may be biased, but life without these two just wouldn’t be the same. ” Maxie always preferred her alone time, but since Dexter passed, Maxie has taken over his job of watching the crib and the girls.

Maxie and Dexter loved playing tug of war, chasing each other (both inside and outside of the house), and fighting to see who could get the most attention. Dexter was the “lap dog” and loved making sure mommy was warm by lying on her feet whenever he could. Maxie is also very affectionate and has a clothes fetish: he loves bringing people clothes, helping with their fashion choices, and assisting with the laundry.

Maxie and Dexter’s parents told us that “It was important for us to rescue, because we saw so many animals out there who just wanted to be loved.  We wanted to be able to give a loving and forever home to two loving dogs who needed it.  We got lucky with these two.”

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