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The Daily Dog: Wags

Meet Wags! He is the Onpets grand prize winner of the custom portrait by artist, Dave Johnson. Stay tuned for the portrait “reveal!”


Wags and his mom, Lynette, live in Arizona. Before joining Lynette’s household, Wags had a hard life on the streets. In June 2010 a young boy in San Tan Valley, AZ found Wags running in the street. He caught the dog and was excited to take him home. However, his father told him he could not have a pet and ordered him to put the little white dog back on the street. This very upset boy had seen Lynette walking her dogs on various occasions and took a chance that Lynette could help with this dog. Although Lynette tried to find Wags’ original parents she tells us that she knew Wags would find his forever home with Lynette and her other rescued pups.


Wags has had his share of health issues from the beginning and recently had to have his left eye removed. Lynette reports that “Even with all the vet appointments Wags always remains happy-go-lucky with his tail wagging. Nothing makes him happier than meeting people.” When asked why she rescues, Lynette, responded: “I don’t think anything is more important than rescuing and helping animals.  Animals are helpless and don’t have any choices. They count on us for everything…My fur babies are my family.”

This is the photo Wags' portrait will be based on.
This is the photo Wags’ portrait will be based on.

Wags’ siblings include Oreo, who is now 14-years-old and was badly abused as a puppy. He was found under a large trash bin which was so heavy it took 5 men to move it and pull Oreo out. Bentley was left in a large flower pot when he was just puppies on a day when it was over 110° outside and Gili was thrown out of a car window on Christmas Eve. Lynette told us “In my community we have set up sites on Facebook to go to in case your dog is lost or found.  It has been a great success with everyone working together.”

Congratulations to Wags and a big thanks to all of you out there who rescue and work on behalf of our animal companions. As Gandhi famously stated: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” We couldn’t agree more!

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