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Sick golden retriever puppy.

Pets, like their humans, can benefit from preventive medicines, including vaccinations, parasite protection, and dermatological treatments for sensitive skin. If you purchase prescribed medications at our clinic or online store, you can be sure that each product is safe for your pet.

Your Pet’s Annual Exam–Catching Health Issues at the Onset

At your pet’s annual wellness checkup, we examine your furry friend from nose to tail. We look for signs of parasite activity, we check your pet’s gums and teeth, and we examine eyes, fur, joints, and skin. From heartbeat to paw pads, we take our time to make sure that your pet is healthy.

In-Clinic and Online Pharmacy Options

The annual exam is our opportunity to work with you to catch early signs of disease or health issues. If there is a need for medication, you can fill prescriptions at our clinic during your visit and get your pet on the road to health the very same day!

Our online pharmacy makes it easy for you to purchase pet health products you need monthly such as parasite protection. Keeping your pet parasite-free can help spare them from discomfort and life-threatening disease from fleas, ticks, and heartworm.

Grooming and Nutrition for Pet Health

Part of good grooming includes good dental care. You can find a variety of dental products for your pets in our pharmacy, including:

  • Oral chews
  • Plaque spray
  • Toothbrushes and cleaning paste
  • Dental health foods

Other grooming products include:

  • Brushes
  • Clippers
  • Shampoos and conditioners

We also offer prescription nutritional products to help manage weight and reduce allergic reactions, as well as recommended health-conscious treats and dietary supplements.

Trusted Veterinarian-Approved Products

When you purchase pet products from us, you know that they’re safe for your pet family. We offer products from reputable and trusted manufacturers, so you won’t have to wonder about product quality.

You won’t wonder about the proper dosage or amount, how to administer medication, or the recommendations for the use of your product. We are here when you need us to consult with you on your pet’s health care.

We Are Available to Answer Your Pet Health Concerns

Is your pet still itching even after you’ve switched to a medicated shampoo? Do you know how to remove a tick from your dog’s paw effectively? There are so many questions about pet care, and pet owners need answers. We have pet care articles on our website, and many questions may have been answered on our blog.

If you have any concerns about your pet and prescribed medications or other pharmacy products, we want you to call us at (630) 665-1500. We are your partner in pet wellness.

Wheaton Animal Hospital—The Pet Experts

Our range of services, from preventive care to grooming to surgery to boarding and training, is designed to help your pets grow from youngsters to seniors as happy and healthy members of your family. Our dedicated staff loves your furry friends as much as you do, and we look forward to providing caring and skilled health support for all of your pets.

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