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Hot Weather Tips for Dog Owners

Keeping Dogs Cool in the Heat

Temperatures have been soaring in New York City these past few days. We’ve definitely noticed a change in Bodhi’s behavior. He poops out very quickly on walks and very obviously would rather head back indoors.

Bodhi Cooling Off on the Floor
Bodhi Cooling Off on the Floor

What can you do to prevent heat stroke danger in your pet? Follow these hot weather tips for dog owners:

  • Don’t let your dog spend too much time on hot surfaces like asphalt and cement. Keep walks short.
  • Giving your dog a summer haircut can help prevent overheating. However you should never shave to the skin. Dogs need a short coat to protect from sunburn.
  • Make sure your dog has cool, fresh water at all times.
  • Restrict exercise.
  • Do not muzzle. Muzzles can limit your dog’s ability to pant.
  • If your dog likes water, try to find dog runs that have water features for them to play in.
  • This is more of a suburban problem, but certainly not unheard of in New York City: NEVER leave your pet in a parked car. Temperatures can rise VERY FAST in a parked car and can harm or even kill your dog quickly.
Union Square Dog Park
Union Square Dog Park

Here’s more from the Humane Society. And here’s Urban Dog’s interview with Dr. Christina Moore on summer heat and health.

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