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Stop! Holiday rawhide dog treats are dangerous!  We totally agree with spoiling your pets over the holidays, however, we want them to be safe. Rawhide dog treats are not good for your pet. We love seeing them dive into a new bed, play with a new toy or devour a dog treat, but be warned not all treats for dogs are made the same. We will share with you how these holiday rawhide treats for dogs are made, what they contain, and how they are potentially very dangerous to your dogs.
So before you head out to the store in search of something special for your furry friend, continue reading and gain the facts. We will also share with you some healthy alternatives so you can have some peace of mind and answer What’s Best For YOUR Pet?

How Are Holiday Rawhide Dog Treats For Dogs Made?

These treats are made from horse and cattle hide, which wouldn’t be so bad if the process they undertake didn’t involve lots of chemicals and toxic solutions.  These holiday rawhide treats have the hair and fat removed by soaking them in a toxic sodium sulfate solution.

In addition, we found they are then soaked in another toxic substance to help split the hide into layers, and if that wasn’t enough they are then washed in hydrogen peroxide to give them a healthy white bone appearance. The peroxide is also meant to remove the very pungent smell from these hides.

Furthermore, they are then doused in glues and dyes to give them that festive look. After doing our research we are wondering how these meet the health and food standard set out by our governments. And questioning why these big-box retailers even allow these holiday rawhide treats to be sold in the first place.

What Chemicals Do These Dog Treats Have Traces of?

It’s been documented that these holiday rawhide treats have traces of arsenic, mercury, chromium, and formaldehyde. Not to mention the already discussed hydrogen peroxide, and sodium sulfate. In addition, they are soaked using chemicals used to split these hides. It’s no wonder numerous chemical poisoning have been documented in the consumption of these rawhide treats.

How Are Holiday Rawhide Dog Treats Dangerous?

In addition to the horrible chemicals and toxic solutions these treats are processed with, they are also a huge choking hazard. They break off into small pieces that become stuck in your pup’s throat. And once wet they are almost impossible to remove without surgery, and at that point, it’s almost always too late.

Furthermore, these pieces, once broken down, regularly cause intestinal blockages. Leaving your furry friend in a world of pain and anguish. If by some chance your dogs were not affected by any of these potential deadly outcomes, they are sure to cut their mouth and gums with the super sharp edges.

Your Call To Action

We beg you to stop buying them! Stop gifting them! And never use them!

We are asking that you share this with your friends and family to get the word out that enough is enough. Maybe if we are able to inform enough people these won’t be sold any longer.

Healthy Alternatives For Your Dogs

In our search, we found some wonderful alternatives that your pup with thank you for. If it’s a gift you are looking to give, and want to be festive you can always place the treat in a box for some added fun. Or hide the treat somewhere in the house and have your dog search for it! Either way, anything has to be better than these horrible, should be banned treats.

    • SmartBones Mini Chews With Real Chicken are rawhide-free and 99% digestible. Rate 4.7 on Amazon and countless fantastic reviews these treats are at the top of our list.
    • SmartSticks Chews for Dogs are bound to be a favorite for sure. They are made with real peanut butter! Another top seller on Amazon for good reason. Safe and delicious. 

    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Longer Lasting Dog Treat Chews are one of Amazon’s best sellers. With a name, you can trust, and a promise of long-lasting they made our list by a long shot

    • Gnawtlers – Premium Elk Antlers for Dogs these naturally shed elk antlers are a favorite among dogs. If you haven’t yet tried these, this holiday may be your opportunity.

      Some other options that are both safe and healthy for your furry friends are venison ears, frozen carrots, sweet potato chews, and banana chips! Check out our article on if bananas are safe for your pup for the recipe.

In Conclusion

Don’t give your dogs those awful rawhide treats this year, don’t accept them as gifts, and never give them. If you know someone who needs to see this, please share it with them, you may save a life.

We want to equip you with the information you need to make informed choices and decide What’s Best For YOUR Pet?

Stop! Holiday Rawhide Treats Are Dangerous

Stop! Holiday Rawhide Treats Are Dangerous


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