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Dogs! In the News!

Plot to Kidnap POTUS’ Pup

The Secret Service has foiled a North Dakota man’s scheme to dognap one of the Obamas’ Portuguese Water Dogs. CBS News reports:

A man who planned to kidnap at least least one of the Obama family’s dogs was arrested Wednesday in Washington, D.C. after authorities found weapons and ammunition in his car, according to a charging document released Friday. The Secret Service’s Minnesota Field Office tipped off Secret Service agents in D.C. that Scott Stockert of North Dakota was on his way to the nation’s capital to kidnap Bo or Sunny. On Wednesday, Stockert was interviewed by agents at the Hampton Inn in Downtown D.C. and revealed that he had weapons in his car parked blocked around the block. After Stockert told the agents they could search his Dodge Ram 1500, they found a 12-gauge pump shotgun and a black bolt action rifle under the back seat. Both were unloaded.

Obama’s Dogs

Read more from CBS News here.

New Breeds Recognized by the AKC

On Tuesday, the American Kennel Club recognized two breeds: the Sloughi and the American Hairless Terrier. USA Today reports:

The Sloughi (pronounced SLOO-ghee) joins the hound group, and is “treasured in North Africa for its hunting skills, speed, agility and endurance over long distances,” according to the club.

The American Hairless Terrier is now a member of the terrier group, and its ancestors were originally bred to hunt rats, according to the AKC statement.

This means the two breeds can now compete in AKC sponsored events.

Here’s an infographic from the club:


Read more from USA Today here.

Evidence Internet Users are Really Silly

Take a look at this dog:

“Badly Burned Dog”

What do you see?

The Huffington Post reports that one Facebook user posted the picture and wrote: “This poor dog was badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire.” He went on to say that “One like = one prayer” and “One share = ten prayers.”

The post went viral and generated millions and millions of shares.

The problem? The dog was never disfigured in a fire!

That’s a piece of ham sitting on its face.

Read more from HuffPo here.

Even More Evidence Internet Users are Really Silly

One of the biggest controversies on the Internet at the end of 2015 was posed in this question:  “If dogs wore pants, what sort of pants would they wear? And how?”

It all started when a Belgian man posted this picture on his Facebook page:


Seems simple, no?

Facebook and the Twitterverse went bonkers!

Here are just two samples of the types of responses that thousands of people posted:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 7.49.09 AM


Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 7.48.39 AM

Want to know how the kerfuffle all played out? Here is the result of a poll taken by the guy who posed the question in the first place:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 7.48.02 AM

Read more from the Canadian Broadcasting Company here.

News Update! Derby Gets Better Legs

Last year we wrote about Derby, a dog who got prosthetic legs and could walk for the first time.

It appears the manufacturers of the legs have kept working to improve Derby’s prosthetics.

Here’s a video about Derby’s new legs from 3D Systems, the people who made them. (Note: PLEASE BUY SOME 3D STOCK! IT HAS COLLAPSED AND I OWN 100 SHARES!)

News Update! The King of Thailand’s Dog has Died

Recently we reported on a man in Thailand who faces decades of prison time for insulting the king’s dog, Tongdaeng, on Facebook. (What is it with stupid things on Facebook this week?)

Since then, the king’s pup has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

The BBC reports:

The king adopted Tongdaeng in 1998 as a puppy and wrote a book praising her loyalty and obedience. Last month, a man was charged with insulting Tongdaeng on social media and could face up to 37 years in jail under Thailand’s lese-majeste laws. The strict laws protect the king and his family against defamation. As he has aged, King Bhumibol’s public appearances have become more scarce – but until recently, when he did appear, it was often in the company of the reddish-brown dog Tongdaeng, says the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Bangkok. The name means “red-gold”, or “copper”, in Thai.

The King of Thailand’s Dog, Tondaeng

News Update! Robot Dogs Shot Down

Last year we also reported on robot dogs created by a subsidiary of Google. These “dogs” were being developed for the military. Turns out the Marines don’t want them because they are too noisy.

Robot Dog


Read the whole story from qz.com here.

Working Dogs! In New York News!

Here’s some good news from New York. Governor Cuomo has signed legislation designating “the working dog” as the official Empire State Dog. The American Kennel Club released this statement:

All breeds trained to provide a service are celebrated in this law, from the German Shepherd Dog that stands guard at Grand Central to the Belgian Malinoir that patrols with police to the sweet Golden Retriever that leads his visually impaired owner around the city to the many more working dogs around the state. AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung says of the legislation: “Working dogs provide unparalleled service to individuals and to our communities in a vast array of roles from search-and-rescue, to disease detection, to military and police work, to therapy and service for the disabled. We are extremely pleased by this recognition of the value that all working dogs bring to our lives.”

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