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Montreal Pit Bull Ban Update

It appears the ban on Pit Bulls and related breeds in Montreal has been suspended indefinitely. A judge declared that the ban would not go into effect as long as there were legal challenges against it. The ban was passed by the government there after a woman was killed by a dog believed to be a Pittie.

The Dodo has the full story here.

Pit Bull

 Brooklyn to the Rescue!

Here’s a great story from the New York Times.

It starts like this:

Bailey, a 2½-year-old goldendoodle, lived a placid, largely uneventful life on a block of handsome brownstones in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, until 7:15 on the morning of Oct. 24.

That was when her owner leashed her to a metal chair outside Henry’s Local, a coffee shop on Henry Street, and went in for an iced latte.

Another customer entered the cafe. Bailey, startled, jumped to the side. The chair crashed to the sidewalk. The noise spooked Bailey further.

She bolted — down Henry Street, dragging the clattering chair behind her, with her owner, Orna Le Pape, in pursuit, yelling: “Bailey, stop! No! No!”

Bailey and Orna (Courtesy: The New York Times)

Click here to find out what happened next!

It Takes a Dog

Two days after the presidential election, Margot Gerster, a Chappaqua, New York resident ran across a very famous person walking her dog in the woods.

“It felt crazy, but amazing,” Gerster said of running into the Clintons, who own a home in the area. “I take my daughter hiking almost every day, so you don’t expect to run into Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton” two days after the election.

“It felt really nice to speak to her and to tell her how nice it was for me as a woman and a mother to vote for her,” said Gerster, who had taken her daughter to vote with her on Election Day. “She couldn’t have been any kinder or more welcoming.”


Hillary Clinton and Dog
Hillary Clinton and Dog

You can read the whole story here from BuzzFeed.

The Tail:  SQUIRREL!

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