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Well, I’ve had six months to plumb the depths of various streaming services during the pandemic… and I’ve discovered some dog-related programming gems I want to share with you.

Unsurprisingly, Disney+ has a bumper crop of dog-related programming. Way back when Disney+ premiered I did a quick run-through of all their doggy shows, you can see that list here. Since then the Mouse House has added ton of new programming.

My favorite was this new short from Pixar called Out. It’s a sweet story about a closeted gay man who is helped in coming out to his parents by a … um … cosmic spirit dog. (You have to watch for that to make sense.)

Give it a go. It’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Disney+ also has a follow up to one of my fave dog movies. It’s an eight-part series based on the documentary Pick of the Litter. The show focuses on a group of six puppies who are in the running to become guide dogs for the blind. Just like the movie it’s surprisingly suspenseful, and, like all shows featuring puppies, it’ll make you laugh and cry.

Some other shows and movies on Disney+’s robust roster include:

It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer, a series about the way dogs make our lives better, hosted by Bill Farmer, the actor who lends his voice to the animated greats Goofy and Pluto;

Togo, the story of the true hero of the 1925 dog-sled serum in Alaska. Here’s more about Togo from a post I did earlier this year.

Lady and the Tramp, a live-action version of the animated classic;

Dug’s Special Mission, a prequel to Out; and, of course,

Old Yeller, the classic 1957 tearjerker! The ur-boy-and-his dog story!

For more about Disney+ click here.

Hulu has emerged as one of my favorite streaming services over the last few months. It’s home to Good Boy. It’s a movie starring one of my favorite actresses, Judy Greer. It was produced by Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and The Invisible Man. So you know it’s going to be chilling!

Remember: there are no bad dogs! Just bad owners!

For more about Hulu click here.

My other favorite new steaming service is HBO Max, largely because I just really like HBO! But it has great movies from Criterion.

It’s also has a smattering of new programming, including The Dog House UK. It’s a series that tracks the progress of dogs up for adoption at a shelter. It’s super sweet! I’m really surprised we don’t have an American version of the show.

For more about HBO Max click here.

Netflix has a lot of everything! I have to confess, apart from Umbrella Academy, I haven’t spent much time with Netflix during quarantine. I did a post about Netflix’s Dogs awhile back. It a series of short documentaries about dogs. The New York episode was shot in and around our apartment in the city.

For more about Netflix click here.

I didn’t see much dog-related programming on any of the other streaming services I have access to. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any, but I must admit I didn’t watch much on the following services:

DC Universe, other than Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn;

CBS All Access, other than The Good Fight and Picard (which does have a bit part for “Number One,” Jean Luc’s Pitbull);

Apple+, other than Mythic Quest; and

Peacock? Well, I haven’t watched anything on Peacock yet.

Yikes! That’s a lot of streaming services! Did I miss any? Do you have any favorite dog-related programming on any of these services? If so, share them with me!

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