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Recently the owners of Dazy Dog asked me to test out their orthopedic dog bed. They couldn’t have contacted me at a better time. Coincidentally our friend Sergio and his Good Girl Mila were in the market for a new bed. I thought: “Mila’s a big active dog! She’ll put this bed through its paces. She’s the perfect test subject!”

Dazy Dog
Mila and Her New Dazy Dog Bed

Mila’s New Dazy Dog Bed

You can order the bed online at the Dazy Dog site or on Amazon.

It arrives vacuum-sealed, just like the human mattresses you can order on the internet.

“Test-dog” Mila couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

Dazy Dog
“What is it?!”

Dazy Dog Construction

The company’s founders, Brad and Andrea, created Dazy Dog because they felt there were no aesthetically appealing dog beds made of high-quality, durable material on the market.

They determined any bed they manufactured had to do three things:

  1. Provide support for a dog’s musculoskeletal system, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues;
  2. Make a more environmentally friendly product by ensuring the covers and components were removable, washable, and replaceable; and
  3. Make a product that dogs and humans loved.

They spent untold man-hours working on a prototype, ordering more than sixty samples of foam combinations and twenty different combinations of fabrics before arriving on what they determined was a winner. They got the go head from various experts and a panel of testers and launched the bed in 2020.

Dazy Dog Sizes

The bed currently comes in two sizes: medium and large. Medium is good for small dogs like Dachsunds and French Bulldogs up to medium and large dogs like American Staffies and Vizslas. I think even our dog Bodhi, who was a small-ish Weimaraner, would have fit well in a medium-sized bed.

Medium Bed

The bed Mila got was a large. She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a pretty big dog. She stands 28 inches at the shoulder and weighs 95 pounds. Large beds are appropriate for dogs ranging anywhere from Australian Shepherds to Giant Schnauzers.

Large Bed
Dazy Dog
“This one is JUST right!”

Because so many people have asked, Dazy Dog has signed off on pre-production samples for a small and an extra large bed. They are planning to launch these new sizes in November (just in time for the holidays!)

The Bottom Line

Sergio says Mila loves her Dazy Dog bed! She’s been sleeping on the bed for two months now and so far it’s held up very well. Sergio says it’s durable and he really appreciates the way it looks.

Two things I really like about the bed are the bolster that runs around the entire perimeter of the bed and the plush memory foam.

The bolster allows dogs to rest their heads in any position they choose.

The foam makes for a super comfy bed. Both Mila and I can attest to that, I actually curled up and lay down on the bed myself before turning it over to her!

(I often test dog products out myself. Ha!)

As part of my test run of the bed, I volunteered to clean it for Sergio. I found it was super easy to wash.

Our Weim Bodhi had a bed from a mattress manufacturer whose name rhymes with “Schmealy.” It was a nightmare to strip down for cleaning. You had to take the bottom pad all the way off in order to take the interior foam mattress and bolster out. It was really difficult to put back together and eventually the zipper starting pulling away.

The bottom of the Dazy Dog bed is attached on two sides, forming a sort of pocket that holds put the memory foam in. This pocket is easily opened and closed.

Mila lives in a house with a Great Dane, which means there are a number of places to sleep throughout the house, from other dog beds to couches to the humans’ beds!

Sergio says Mila now prefers her Dazy Dog bed, where she gets plenty of restful sleep.

Dazy Dog
“Zzzzzzzzzz… “

What’s in the Future for Dazy Dog?

The folks at Dazy Dog have been working pretty hard over the summer to bring a few new lines to the market.

In a few weeks weeks they’ll be launching a line of all-weather leashes and collars. They’re waterproof, sand-proof, and mud-proof. The leashes and collars will come in four colors: black, red, yellow and teal and will be available in S, M, L, and XL.

Later in the fall they’ll also be launching dog bowls. Dazy Dog promises they’ll be super durable, BPA and BPS free, food-safe, and reusable. They’ll come in two finishes initially: black and stainless. Eventually they plan on rolling out other colors in the months to come.

Order Now

For more info and to order a bed visit the Dazy Dog website or go to Amazon.

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