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Has this ever happened to you? You are super excited about Christmas and the day has finally come to set up. You get out the decorations, the tree, and all your favorite ornaments, and before you know it disaster strikes.  If you have a cat you probably know what I’m talking about. Today we will learn how to cat-proof a Christmas tree. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree with a few of these tried and tested methods.

Keeping your cat out of the Christmas tree can be a big deal, especially when your tree houses some of your most cherished ornaments.  We have even heard of one reader who decided to take down the tree and opt to go tree-less this year.  There has to be a better way! Well, there is and we are here to help you cat-proof a Christmas tree so you and your family can enjoy the beauty that is this focal point in most homes over the holidays.

Before we dive into how to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree let’s first share some of the dangers associated with your cat and the Christmas tree.

Dangers Associated With Your Cat And The Christmas Tree

Fake snow is at the top of our list for dangers associated with your cat and the Christmas tree. Fake snow is not only toxic to your cat, but to all animals and especially your children. Fake snow is mostly made up of water but does contain methylene chloride. Inhalation of methylene chloride can cause toxicity depending on the severity of the exposure.  Therefore we strongly recommend households with pets and children NOT use fake snow in their decorating.

Tinsel is another big NO- NO.  Cats especially are attracted to these shiny stings and have been known to eat them.  Eating tinsel is very dangerous and can result in shiny metal strings getting wrapped around your pet’s intestines. Don’t worry we believe tinsel went out of style years ago, opt for long strands of shiny beads.

The last thing we want you to avoid is non LED lights, if your furry friend decides to take a bite they could easily burn their mouths. Also, we strongly recommend using a pet-proof cord protector.

Cat-proof a Christmas Tree

Cat-proof a Christmas Tree

Easiest Ways To Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Apple cider vinegar! Cat’s hate the smell and even more the taste.  They are sure to stay out of the Christmas tree once they get a whiff or two of the apple cider vinegar. We suggest using a spray bottle and spraying the base of the tree as well as the branches. This may be the easiest way, but this way also means we need to smell the vinegar also. The next tip will have your house smelling fresh as well as help keep your cat out of the tree.

Citrus. Cats hate orange, lemon, and grapefruit. This is a sure-fire way to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree. Keep the peels of your oranges and place them either around the base of the tree or throughout the tree. Don’t forget to change them often, you don’t want rotting orange peels lying around the house.

Some other scents that are sure to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree are eucalyptus, mint, and menthol. These smells are very much disliked by most cats and also leave your home smelling fresh and clean. However, if you notice these scents are no deterrent to your cat and they begin to lick the spray, discontinue use. These oils can be toxic in larger doses.

How To Cat-Proof a Christmas Tree Base

Not every cat wants to just jump in the tree, some love to go from the bottom up.  Use these next 2 tips to keep them from even getting a start. Pine cones are a tried and tested method used for years to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree. They hate the feel of them and will avoid them at all costs. Place them around the base of the tree and even add some in the branches. Real fresh pine cones are best because they will have the smell of pine and cats don’t like pine.

Tinfoil is another great way to cat-proof your Christmas tree. They hate the feel of it on their paws and are sure to steer clear. You can wrap the base of the tree or lay tinfoil directly under the tree to keep your cat from being tempted to swat those precious ornaments that dangle from the bottom.

How To Keep Your Ornaments Safe From Your Cat

For added protected we recommend opting for sparkly new plastic ornaments over the glass ones.  Glass as we know breaks easily and can cause cuts on your little one’s paws, and have you running for the broom.  However, I will be the first to admit I have some pretty special glass ornaments that I don’t want to part with. We suggest placing these at the top of the tree as far away from little paws as possible.

Furthermore, you can choose to spray these glass ornaments with an apple cider vinegar spray or make a spray out of orange peels. Keep in mind the orange spray may smell better but could leave a sticky residue on your ornaments, whereas the apple cider vinegar won’t.

Repetition Will Keep Your Cat Out Of The Tree.

If you find that you have tried all of the above and still your cat won’t stay out of the tree we believe that repetition always wins. The moment you see your cat going for the tree, pick them up, and place them in another area of the house.  We also are not opposed to the tried and tested water bottle method. A quick spray of water will have your cat bolting from the tree and thinking twice the next time they want to get close.

We also recommend leaving the tree undecorated for a few days to help your cat get used to this new item in their home. Another great tip is to make sure your furry friend is out of the room while you decorate the tree.

Don’t let a curious kitty ruin your holidays or take away from the focal point in most homes over the holidays. With these tried and tested tips, you can be sure to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.

Let’s Recap How To Cat-Proof Your Chrismas Tree.

  • Apple cider vinegar is a great deterrent, cats hate the smell.
  • Opt for plastic ornaments rather than glass.
  • Tinfoil the base of the tree.
  • Use a pet-safe cord protector. 
  • Orange peels are another disliked smell for cats.
  • Place those breakable favorites at the top of the tree.
  • The age-old water bottle deterrent.
  • Bitter Pet Spray 

Try these tips out before you give up on the tree altogether, your cat will learn in due time this is not a place for them.

From all of us at What’s Best For YOUR Pet we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Cat proof a Christmas Tree

Cat proof a Christmas Tree

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