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We have all heard, don’t feed a dog chocolate, but what about a cat? Can cats eat chocolate? Who doesn’t love chocolate, to be honest, I don’t want to meet the man. Personally, I could eat chocolate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I know I’m not alone. But when it comes to our furry friends, can cats eat chocolate?  Let us answer you in just a moment.

I remember hearing a story a bit ago about a dog who got into a few of the remaining chocolate laxatives his owner had loosely stored away, lets just say I can still see those images in my head. Do not let that happen, it is not a pretty sight. ( And can be dangerous)

But as far as cats go it may not even be the question of can cats eat chocolate, but would they even try?

Can Cats Taste Sweetness?

Believe it or not, cats can’t taste sweetness, they don’t even possess that ability.  They lack the sweetness receptor you and I and most mammals have. Known as strict carnivores, they only want meat.

Personally, we were even taken back by this, I know a few furry friends that like to lick the bottom of the ice cream bowl, and even lick the powdered sugar off our fingers.  However, we learned that in fact, it has nothing to do with the sweetness of these items. They are just after the fats.

This may be why you would be hard-pressed to find a cat treat that isn’t flavored with meat or fish. We found, cats relatives such as the lion and tiger don’t possess this sweet tooth either, neither do dolphins and sea lions. (Store that one away for trivia night!)

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

To answer the question can cats eat chocolate, lets just say NO. A cat who eats chocolate can become very ill, very fast. Typically a cat won’t voluntarily go for a bowl of chocolate of a candy bar you leave lying around, but they could be tricked.  The chocolate could be coated with something or flavored to resemble something different.

Chocolate for cats can be lethal, so you must take care, and use caution.

Theobromine and caffeine are found in chocolate and are very dangerous to cats.  Cats can’t process the theobromine very fast.  Theobromine is a muscle relaxant and cardiac stimulant, and the combination of this and caffeine can have deadly effects on a cat.

So to answer this very important question, NO cats can’t eat chocolate.

What To Do If Your Cat Eats Chocolate?

If you happen to catch them in the act, remove all traces of chocolate and call your vet. We strongly recommend making your way for an emergency visit and have the vet assess the situation. Your vet will have ways to help your cat rid themselves of these dangerous substances if caught early enough.

If you are not sure they ate chocolate, but suspect, again take them to the vet straight away. Allowing these toxins to enter the bloodstream can be lethal.

What Can Happen If My Cat Eats Chocolate?

Without immediate veterinarian care, the effects of chocolate on a cat can be deadly. Now we are not here to scare you, but action needs to be taken right away.

Some of the effects of theobromine and caffeine are diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, coma, and death. 

Diarrhea is most likely the first symptom starting around 1-4 hours after consumption. Getting your furry friend the help they need is the best action to take. Do your cat and yourself a favor and keep chocolate out of reach, especially any that is artificially flavored.

Great Treats For Your Cat

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Cat Treats, Chicken Flavor, All Bag Sizes

The Feline Greenies are a fantastic treat for your feline friend. With both chicken and tuna flavor, you know your sweetness lacking kitty with love them.

These natural cat treats have vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for a healthy cat. They have a crunchy texture that cats crave, and they are great for cleaning teeth, reducing tartar, and help freshen breath. No wonder these are the #1 vet-recommended dental treat.

Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats, Pack of 10

The Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks is one of the best-reviewed cats treats on Amazon. With a score of 4.8 out of 5, you know you are getting a treat your furry friend will love.

No wonder they rank so high, they are made with real meat, no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors. For maximum freshness, each meaty stick is individually packaged. Let your furry friend be the judge as to why these are soon becoming a top treat.

Hartz Bisque Cat Treats

The Hartz Bisque Cat Treats are another one of the very well-reviewed cat treats. Again with a 4.8 on Amazon, these saucy, lickable treats are sure to satisfy.

Blended into a smooth wet texture allows your cat to enjoy both the juices and meats together. Great for cats who strictly have a wet food diet. Even better for those cats whose diet is dry food and love to change it up.

In Conclusion, No your cat can’t eat Chocolate!

We hope this helped answer any questions related to cats and chocolate and provided you with some alternatives for cat treats.

If you are reading this because you fear your feline friend has eaten chocolate, please visit your nearest vet right now!

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

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